Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Market Comments - Knee Jerk Reaction

Markets will react negatively to news of Benazir Bhutto's killing in Pakistan yesterday but it will be a knee jerk reaction. When we had blasts in India and that too in Mumbai only, our markets reacted negatively but the next day we had recovered very sharply.

History shows that every time there is some event of global terrors, markets tend to go down but recover very sharply. History will repeat again, so there is nothing to worry.This is a very good opportunity for those who are waiting to enter the markets or those who want to make some quick money in short term.

GMR Infra is planning to list it's energy subsidiary GMR Energy and going by the current favorite sector in market which is power sector, the valuation will be much higher. GMR Infra will definitely give you 40% to 50% returns in 2 months.

Reliance will also give very good returns in next 2 months and please do not miss the opportunit y to buy this. I am very bullish on this and very soon you will see stock split coming in this.

IFCI is also another stock which will be in accumulation mode and may be range bound for sometime between 70 to 85 but just check the price of IFCI after 6 months.

DLF may rise on the news of Demerger plans.Real estate major DLF plans to raise $5 billion over the next three years by listing five of its business units, including DLF Homes, DLF Retail, DLF Hotels, DLF Utilities and DLF Infrastructure. There are no plans to further dilute equity in group flagship DLF. The eventual strategy is to make DLF a holding company with considerable equity stakes in the listed entities in addition to being an incubator for new businesses

"A successful Investor in stock markets is one who can see tomorrow and beyond it and not worry about today....."


This is my last post of Market Comments in this blog and From Monday, December 31st, my market comments will be available at the blog

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Please see the post on registration details for registering.

I thank all the blog readers for the great association we had in the last 4 months.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Market Comments - Bulls in Full Flow

Bulls were in flow for second day in a row and the short sellers were trapped so badly that there was no profit booking seen towards closure as the number of shorts were very high.

Reliance was in full flow and it is now at 2900 and just another 100 away from the magical 3000. Once this is crossed we will see lot of action and the news of stock split coming soon.

Jai Prakash Associates was one stock which was not talked about me but it moved from 1275 before split to cross my target of 2000 which was one year target but it was achieved in 2 months.

DLF was another star performer and it crossed 1000 yesterday and now the revised target is 1500 in one year but it may be achieved soon.

GMR Infra touched 248 and we should see it move towards my target of 325 by March 12th.I have given access to all those who completed their registration formalities till Dec 26th.

Tomorrow will be my last post in this blog.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Market Comments - Strong Global Cues Lift Markets

Markets rose smartly on Monday due to strong global cues as expected but the profit booking did not come down as the bears had to cover there positions as there were huge shorts built up.

We will see another strong opening on Wednesday morning and we will see some profit booking coming in later half of the day unless we see huge shorts being covered again.IFCI was one of the star performers of the day.

As I had mentioned that 75 was good level to enter this stock, IFCI was down to 73 but later rose to 81 because of buying interest in this stock and also short covering. There were many smart investors who bought IFCI at 75 levels as they know that 50% returns can be expected in another 6 months. What more we want?

GMR Infra is stuck at 240 levels similar to what happened at 140 levels but it should move to 325 - 350 levels by March 12th when the Hyderabad Airport will open as this will be the major trigger for this. Watch out for the action in GMR Infra in next 2 months.

Watch for our RIL now . There will be lot of action in this stock and once RIL decisively crosses 3000 you can see the real star action in this.There are many speculative stocks to pick and I will give the list of this in coming few days.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday Morning Market Musing - Fresh Innings

Good morning to all of you and we are beginning another week of activity but this week will be a short week as tuesday is a market holiday for Christmas. Thursday will be the settlement for this month F & O and so we have only 3 days for the settlement.

There will be lot of volatility due to rollover positions being high and at the same time there are lot of shorts built up. We will see gap up opening as shorts are covered on opening but again we see rollover positions bringing down the market. Those who want to gain in our market need to have two things which are a must. One is discipline and other is patience. If you lack either of these, you may not gain but instead loose your money.

There are many other factors like greed and fear but all these are part of the above two. Most of the investors attitude is to make some quick money but the real gainers will be those who have invested in a disciplined manner and also have enough patience to reap rewards.

Just to give an example : When i recommended GMR Infra at 160 in this blog, it really tested the patience and even went to 140. When sensex zoomed from 17K to close to 21k also GMR was not moving up but I just asked you to be patient. After few months, sensex came back but GMR started its up move and from 160 it went to 260 in less than a month. This is how one can make money with patience. Some stocks even test you for 6 months to 1 year but if you are confident in the stock then stay invested.

Teledata should most probably list this week as per the official communication on its website which says that it has got approval from NSE and BSE for listing. Wait for fresh innings to begin and we should see a good opening in new year.

Please note that my last comments on this blog will be on December 28th and there after I will be posting my comments on the blog

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Registration Details Update

As you all aware that starting January 1st, 2008, I will be writing my comments at the new blog

This blog will be available for registered users only.

I thank all of you for responding to my registration request. I have completed access to all those who have completed the registration formalities as on 21-Dec-2007.

Please check your mails for access link.

Those who have not yet registered can please complete the formalities which I am mentioning again.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

IFCI Update

As expected IFCI is stuck around 75 to 80 levels due to panic selling by investors who entered around 100 levels to make quick bucks. Added to this the ban in F & O created further problems as there was huge winding of in F & O positions and so this has led to the fall to 75.

Now watch the story of IFCI from here. There are some talks going on with International Finance Corp which is monetary arm of World bank for some stake sale which could be around 10 to 15%. This will be at a much higher price.

There is no need for IFCI investors to worry at this point if you plan to hold it for atleast another 6 months to 1 year.

Market Comments - Rollover Problems

Markets corrected from the peak as there were huge positions to be rolled over in F & O for this month. With Friday and Tuesday being market holidays we have only 4 days to rollover and so this was good opportunity for bulls to rollover when market rallied smartly.

This volatility will be seen till Dec27th but after this there will be a decent rally and there should not be any worry as it will be like beginning a fresh innings. It is a like batsman getting out after making a triple century but it will be different when he begins a fresh innings.

IFCI deal was cancelled which means that the stock will crash on opening today and it can be as high as 20%. This will be disappointing news for short term holders of IFCI but these type of things should be taken in stride. If you see my recos, I have put this stock IFCI in speculation stock list because of the nature in which the stock price was moving up.

Now IFCI can be available at around 80 Rs and it is only short term traders who will suffer the loss. Why? The reason is simple. IFCI wanted a price of 150 Rs as its bid price as there is lot of hidden value in IFCI. If institutions buy at 107 Rs and some one is ready to buy at 111 Rs then is it not the price anything below 100 is a golden opportunity?

IFCI will go down temporarily but just watch the price of IFCI after 3 to 6 Months. You will see the price of 120 again. This means if IFCI is available aroudn 80 today, it will give you 50% returns in 3 to 6 months. If you hold it for long term of 2 to 3 years, you will get excellent returns and target of 500 is possible. Those who are holding free shares in IFCI can continue to hold so and even may be add some at lower levels to make some more free shares after 3 to 6 months.

There will be lot of volatility as we have only 4 days left in this month for the F & O expiry and after Dec 27th, it will be a different story. The advance tax numbers show that profits that will be reported by companies will be good and Reliance numbers look excellent.

Powergrid is planning to move into entertainment sector by tying up with Zee entertainment and it will be additional profits for this. We may see demerger also in future. Please try to get some of powergrid shares at lower levels and hold for 2 to 3 years. This is a must. For short term holders you may get 50% returns ie 200 levels in 6 months.

There is no news from Teledata on listing date but I expect it will be available soon.

My last column in this blog will be on Dec 28th as I will be taking of on Dec 31st. Please register yourself asap to avoid delay in getting your access created. Please see the messages below for registration details.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Query on RPL

There have been lot of queries on RPL regarding the target for RPL. I had recommended RPL on this blog when it was around 120 levels with target of 180 in one year. It has surpassed my target in few months and hit high of 300 and came to 220 levels before I recommended to buy it again around 220 levels.

Many of them accumulated RPL around 190 to 220 levels and I believe many of the blog readers are in profits in case of RPL as it was first recommened at 120 and then around 200 avg price. Those who are stuck at 270 and above levels need to wait patiently and it difficult to predict the target in short term as it depends on market conditions and news flow.

There is one talk that RPL may start production in March 2008 and if this news comes out RPL can shoot up to cross 300 levels again in next 2 months. The major reason RPL is being suppressed is talk of merger with RIL and market corrections.

I am sure RPL will still reach around 500 levels in one year and even if merger with RIL happens one will get atleast 400 Rs worth in RPL.

I hope this clarifies all blog readers doubt.